Taking Alabama Back from Crime!

Violent crime in Alabama has been on the rise. It is the job of the Attorney General to keep Alabama’s families and communities safe. In 2010 (the last year I served as Attorney General), violent crime in our state hit a twenty year low. Over the last eight years, it has been on the rise until, last year it was at historic highs. In 2016, Alabama was the third most murderous state in America.

Alabamians have every reason to expect that the Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer in the state, will implement policies, propose new laws, and enforce the law in a way that sends a message to violent criminals that, if they threaten the peace in our state, they will face swift and sure consequences. Using experience and proven policies will not only allow Alabama to, once again, win the war against violent crimes to keep law abiding citizens safe, but it is also the most certain way to TAKE ALABAMA BACK from the violent criminals.